TeamROMAN Final Conference

The University of Tokyo and the University of Tokyo x Honda Technical College are held as an official class of Kanto “Overseas Historic Rally Participation Project 2020. Team Roman”‘s report video has been released.

Next year, we are holding a report meeting at
the University of Tokyo, and it seems to have become a report by video affected by the new coronavirus.

This is the 10th year of the University of Tokyo’s class with the aim of “integrating manufacturing and internationalization.”This time, he competed in “Rally Monte Carlo Historic 2020” which originated from the world’s oldest rally, aiming at the coastline of Monaco.As an earlier experience that professionals in the world have done, we took on the challenge of negotiating local costs during the trip and examining the enormous export procedures in overseas languages by students themselves, all of which were to manage as a team in addition to rally machine production.It is said that it aims to create new human resources originating in Japan based on a lot of failures.
In addition, this year’s activities have als
o started, and the new team will participate in
the overseas historic rally project 2021T
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