Rally Estonia 2020 Preview

The WRC of 2020 was interrupted and postponed due to the global spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19, which forced many rallies to be canceled or postponed after the first three battles.For resumption, events in countries where COVID-19 is less affected will be newly incorporated into the calendar, and Rally Estonia will be held for the first time as WRC. 

Rally Estonia has long held international events, and in recent years has welcomed many top teams and players as an outpost of the WRC Rally Finland.Last year's tournament was held as a "promotion event" to attract WRCs, and all WRC manufacturers participated.As of last year, preparations for the WRC were already in place, but this year we also thoroughly implemented COVID-19 measures, and everyone involved in the rally, including the players, the spectators, and the locals participated safely. The organizers are preparing with the utmost care so that they can do so. 

Rally Estonia is dominated by very fast gravel stages, with many crests and jumps.Although it is a rally with similar characteristics to Rally Finland as a whole, the gravel surface is more slippery than Finland, and in dry conditions it is a disadvantage for players with a fast start order.The Rally Estonia service park is located at the Old Radi City Air Base in Tartu, Estonia's second largest city, and has three days of competition from Friday to Sunday.However, on Friday there is only one short stage near the service park and the other 16 stages are concentrated on Saturday and Sunday.On Saturdays, we will run 5 stages in the morning and re-run the same stage with daytime service in between.On Sundays, we will drive three stages twice each without intervening service.There are 17 SSs in total, and the total distance is 232.64km, which is a much shorter distance than other WRC events over 300km.