M-Sport's state-of-the-art evaluation center is well underway, and the company's millions of pounds of facility in Cambrian's Dovenby Hall Estate is expected to be completed this fall.

This facility is considered essential to the future of cockermouth-based business, and when completed, it can protect existing jobs and create new skills in the region.

A team of specialist builders in Northern Development spends months in the summer, and the building is complete.

All pre-cast concrete walls are installed inside, and the first partition to separate the 10,723 m2 workshop from various departments is beginning to take shape along with mechanical and electrical equipment.

A concrete road is laid as an entrance from the outside, and structural glass is installed in front of the impressive showroom of the development front.

The project was made possible by investing in the UK government's Regional Growth Fund (RGF) and the Growth Fund provided by the Cambrian Regional Enterprise Partnership (CLEP), enabling M-Sport to develop its own facilities.

The M-Sport Evaluation Center was designed to provide a unique center of outstanding engineering and boost the Cambrian economy, skills and innovation in the northern power plant.

M-Sport Management Director, Malcolm Wilson OBE

"We are very proud of what we are creating here at Dovenby Hall.It's important to move operational facilities forward to attract new businesses and protect existing jobs and new skills in their areas.

These are particularly difficult times for so many companies, but once the evaluation center is up and running, we are confident that we can continue to offer Cambria out of the other side.

Together with Northern Development, we work closely with the Alladale Borough Council to ensure that the facility functions properly and complies with the safety measures deployed in the community.

Following the latest test, we aim to withdraw the current plan application and submit a revised application for approval in the near future.This will allow it to run in the coming months.」